DMU Competence Center's goal is to demonstrate, advocate and apply an Integrated Digital Product Development methodology at selected industrial branches in Hellas and Europe. The Center's establishment in Hellas is related to the main shortcoming of the domestic industry: the optimal planning of introducing new technologies and state of the art technological know-how.

The Competence Center aspires in becoming the seed for a new services market in Hellas by combining Digital Engineering and Information Technology best practises. It's sustained growth is encouraged by the increased demand for Digital Product Development Services in Hellas and abroad.

NIKI staffed and equipped the Center appropriately and can address customer needs in the following areas:

  • Industrial Product Design
  • Digital Engineering
  • Production Engineering Simulation
  • Engineering Knowledge Management
  • Virtual Reality
Endoprosthesis Modeling
Surgery Simulation
Photo Gallery

This project was supported by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology