Virtual Surgery :: Bone Reconstruction

Procedure's first step is the patient's bone reconstruction in a 3-dimension digital enviroment. The reconstruction is carried out in three phases: the collection of medical data, the elaboration of these data and the exportation of 2-dimensional geometrical curves and finally, via the 2D curves, the 3-dimensional geometrical reconstruction of the patient's bones.

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Digital Bone Reconstruction


The integral 3D geometrical model of the patient's bones is the result of the combination of the 2D geometrical curves generated from the elaboration of the incisions display. The 2D curves are placed in different levels following the CTs scanning direction. These curves are consecutively joined with 3D surfaces, results of skinning algorithms using the 2D curves as input.


Digital Bone Reconstruction Process


The final result is the 3D surface which is considered an accurate geometrical reconstruction of the bone. This process can be applied for the internal and external part of the bone and generates solid geometrical models for further study.



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