Virtual Surgery
Pilot project B “Virtual Simulation of Total Hip Replacement Surgery” refers to a different discipline with different requirements at regard of design and service development procedure, by virtue of human involvement. The implementation incomporates the digital surgery's preperation procedure, from the collection of the medical images (tomography) to the structured study of the surgery based on the medical protocol.

Ολική Αρθροπλαστική Ισχίου
Total Hip Replacement
The main motivation for the ancillary usage of computer systems to arthopaedic surgery is the imperative need for simulation at pre-processing phase, that involves diagnosis, results' evaluation and surgery forplan. The second incentive is the best after-surgery performance in regard to direct results of the surgery, medical treatment and sceduled revisory surgery, if necessary.

The second phase was accomplished via the professional collaboration with chief orthopaedists and it concludes the methodology applied the last decade by the engineering team of the Orthopaedic Clinic of the University Hospital of Ioannina.


Virtual Simulation of Total Hip Replacement Surgery
Αναδόμηση Οστού
Bone Reconstruction
thumb1 Μοντελοποίηση Ενδοπρόθεσης
 Endoprosthesis Modeling
thumb1 Surgery Simulation
 Surgery Simulation
Βιομηχανική Ανάλυση
Biomechanical Analysis
thumb1 Προσομοίωση Κατασκευής
Manufacturing Simulation
thumb1 Preprocessing Analysis
Preprocessing Analysis
Virtual Vehicle
Virtual Surgery