Virtual Vehicle :: Ergonomics
Ergonomics analysis aims at defining the specifications that a product must fulfill in order to be optimally used by a human being. It offers insight to designes and engineers alike for improving its usability and correcting ergonomics flaws before the product's construction.

Anthropometric manecin
Ergonomics studies are based on human body characteristics which are simulated by anthropometric virtual manekins. Such manekins are parametrized on height, weight, allowed stress, sight field, etc.


Interior Usability study
Interior Usability study


Interior usability studies concern the approachability and visibility of various interior parts as well as dimensions checking of the cabin and related components.

The usability of exterior parts of the vehicle are also analyzed. Typically the doors ergonomics and the ease of accessing the cargo space are being considered.


Exterior Usability
Exterior Usability study


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