Virtual Reality :: Technology

The successful participation of DMU technologies to the design and manufacturing processes of a product is the outcome of the simulation ability and forward evaluation of the product and its functionality.


Virtual Reality systems upgrate the benefits mentioned above and additionally offer the faculty of realistic 3-dimentional preview of the digital model and user interaction.


DMU center, with the intention to provide high-tech services, is equiped with the Virtual Reality System IC: One Mobile, the corresponding software provided by Ic company : IDO GmbH and the Covise software provided by VISENSO GmbH company.



Virtual Reality System can be deployed for:

  • Product design and review
  • Functionality analysis
  • Ergonomic analysis
  • Simulation of the product assembly process
  • Simulation of medical procedure
  • Circuit in virtual settings
  • Training
Design Review
Ergonomic Analysis / Packaging Simulation
Surgery Simulation
Post-Processing CAx Simulation