Virtual Reality :: Ergonomics Analysis / Packaging Simulation

Ergonomics is one of the most important product's parameters as it considers its interaction with human, in both physical and intellectual level, in addition to the enviromental effect during its use.

Virtual prototyping (the functional simulations of the product in virtual reality enviroments) enables ergonomics estimation of its interfaces and its typical functionality, for detection and rectification of ergonomical defects and dysfunctions.


Ergonomics analysis for drivers seat
Simulation of vision field


Virtual reality systems usage in ergonomics analysis consists of analizing assembly and disassembly methods of the several product's components in regard to the space they take up. These analyses ensure that the assembly / disassembly procedure is accomplished smoothly, safely and comfortably by human.

In a typical packaging simulation scenario, the ability of adding and removing product components is examined, independently of the position of relevant components, and the accompliciability of the procedure's execution with the least possible movements and physical distress.


Packaging of wheel-suspension complex
Packaging of break-support mount complex
Design Review
Ergonomic Analysis / Packaging Simulation
Surgery Simulation
Post-Processing CAx Simulation