Virtual Reality :: Surgery Simulation

Simulation of Total Hip Replacement surgery begins with importing the 3D model of the patient's bone and the endoprosthesis model in the virtual reality system and the implementation of medical parameters and constraints.


Virtual bone and endoprosthesis


Virtual surgery is carried out in the 3D enviroment where the predefined tasks of the implantation process are semi-automatic prepared in regard to the topological data of the bone-endoprosthesis complex and the critical points (ex. right trochanter). The process resumes with the implantation of the endoprosthesis in the bone's lumen during which the orthopaedist confirms the best method and moves the process requires via collision detection software.


Implantation procedure
Endoprosthesis assembly procedure

Finally, the bone-endoprosthesis complex fit in the hip and the review of the entire surgery conclusion follows.


Completion of endoprosthesis implantation
Bone-endoprosthesis complex fit
Design Review
Ergonomic Analysis / Packaging Simulation
Surgery Simulation
Post-Processing CAx Simulation